Communicating with young people

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Date: March 13

Time: 10:15-11:45

Room: Jakobi 2-110

Presenting science to the youth is a popular topic amongst scientists. Knowing how to break down your topic to high school student is crucial for the popularization of our domain.

The main focus of the workshop is to prepare the participants for their individual or collective presentations of their own scientific work or on some of the fresh ideas in their field of research that could be relevant and engaging to adolescents.

The student who has participated on the course:

  • understands the distinctions among the various modes of communication to non-expert audiences, including teachers and students;
  • knows the “core skills” or “key elements” for effective communication tailored to educational context;
  • is able to give a presentation on his/her topic of research to students in an engaging way.

The course is built upon a workshop held in March 13. In the 90 minutes workshop, several aspects of communication with children and young people will be discussed. A group assignment will allow participants to put learnings into practice and prepare for their potential school visit/presentation.

The course web offers optional reading: a list of academic articles on science communication and science engagement among young people. Also, a couple of podcasts, interviewing practitioners (young scholars) on communicating science to youth at schools, are available for listening to and learning about the topic.

Course Curriculum

Giving a presentation at high school
Tips for preparing a school visit Details FREE 00:10:00
Reading Materials
Article 1: Core Skills for Effective Science Communication Details FREE 00:30:00
Article 2: Meet the Scientist Details FREE 00:00:00
Article 3: Are Science Comics a Good Medium for Science Communication? Details FREE 00:00:00
Article 4: Young Adolescents’ Intentional Use of Science News Details FREE 00:00:00
Article 5: The Four-Phase Model of Interest Development Details FREE 00:00:00
Artikkel 6: Suhtlemine tippteadlastega kui legaalne doping teadushuvilistele noortele Details FREE 00:00:00
Podcasts: How to present your scientific work to children and youth? Details FREE 2 months, 3 weeks
How to perform science communication among children and young people? What are the essential tips to keep in mind when meeting students at schools and speaking to them? Are there any things you don’t suggest to do while standing in front of the class?
  • 100 SEATS
  • 2 months, 3 weeks
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