Tips for preparing a school visit

Tips for preparing a school visit:

  • First of all, it is important to arrange a contact with any school representative or teacher who teaches a subject close to your field of study.  
  • Then you can negotiate the exact topic of or setting for your workshop/presentation.
  • The arrangements may be in cooperation with the Youth Academy of the University of Tartu (please see,
  • Explore beforehand the national curricula for basic/upper secondary schools. See the website of the Ministry of Education and Research: This background information helps you to structure and contextualise your presentation better, and address your audience more directly providing – from their point of view – relevant and understandable information.
  • Use some participatory methods that  enable your audience to become active participants (any hands-on activity that will involve them).
  • If possible, ask feedback to your audience or co-PhD student who can serve as an observer during your visit/presentation.
  • Write self-reflexive “fieldnotes” detailing insights gained from the class presentation and the school experience (what went well and what could have been done differently) in order to improve your performance.


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